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Psychosomatic Trauma Therapy with Hypnosis Berlin: e.g. Irritable Bowel, Hashimoto & Allergy

Irritable bowel gastro-allergy hypnotherapy (specialization)

With hypnosis for irritable bowel & anxiety Berlin want to resolve causes of psychosomatic symptoms (for irritable bowel, Hashimoto & allergies), because you suffer from pain or impairment, for example? Only through this the self-healing powers have the chance to heal your symptoms.

Irritable bowel hypnosis and irritable stomach hypnosis have been confirmed as effective in studies conducted by Manchester University, among others.

This is another reason why the hypnosis method in Berlin of


has proved particularly successful. Firstly, the trauma causes of the symptomatology are gently traced in regression and regression hypnoanalytically.

Secondly, unhealthy, toxic protective programming in thinking, feeling and acting is then transformed using effective systemic and Gestalt therapy techniques. Third, at the end, suggestions for a healthy gut feeling are reprogrammed in deep hypnosis.

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Therapy-Berlin-Zehlendorf with hypnosis & Emdr, e.g. for anxiety & panic attacks.

Hypnosis for anxiety & panic attacks (specialization)

Hypnosis-Psychotherapy-Berlin-Zehlendorf helps you with irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome with the proven…


Often it is the fear & panic of dying and loss of control that can be resolved in regression and regression.

Trauma causes are found and systemically and gestalt-therapeutically dissolved in trance, so that the protective symptoms of fear are no longer necessary. Old unhealthy, toxic patterns of control & doubt in thinking, feeling and acting transform to love and trust with suggestions in deep hypnosis.

Hypnosis Coaching-Berlin-Zehlendorf for toxic behavior, such as eating disorder & smoking.

Hypnosis-Theapy-Berlin-Lose-Smoking (specialization)

The hypnosis method in Berlin of Qi-Hypnosia specializes in healing traumatic pain experiences that are repressed with the help of food, smoking or media addiction. Therefore, the behavioral patterns are first gratefully and lovingly acknowledged as self-protection. In fact, they are not gratefully said goodbye to until the causes have been resolved in regression and regression with various techniques in trance. Thus, old harmful patterns in thinking, feeling and acting can subsequently be programmed with instructions for the subconscious mind in deep hypnosis. This is exactly how sustainable healthy behavior in feel-good weight hypnosis or smoke-free hypnosis becomes the joy of cellular healing of your fresh breath!

Hypnosis Trauma Therapy Practice: Qi-Hypnosia

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Investment in your mental & physical health

Take advantage of the free initial consultation (20 minutes) for a trusting hypnosis experience in my hypnosis practice in Berlin. In case of resonance, the treatment can follow from 1.5 – 2 hours. The energy compensation for this is 150 € (only self-payers). Short-term therapies of at least 3 treatments are recommended. Pupils, students, Harz 4 please ask for discount.

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Energetic hypnosis psychotherapy in Berlin

specializes in:

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Frank Ellert M.A.

Hypnotherapist / alternative practitioner (only for psychotherapy)

in the Therapeium of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schröder, the Center for Therpie-Berlin-Zehlendorf-Steglitz-Wilmersdorf-Charlottenburg-Schöneberg

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How does the Qi Hypnosia method help as a personal & transpersonal psychotherapy?

In my Berlin hypnosis practice , elements of clinical hypnosis(anaytic, systemic and suggestive hypnotherapy), conversational psychotherapy(awake hypnosis) and trauma therapy (EMDR ) are applied in trance. In addition, elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine(Qigong) and Autogenic Training are integrated into Energetic Hypnosis. The integrative and holistic work in hypnosis with all these effective treasures of proven psychotherapy makes hypnosis image-consciously a particularly helpful hypnosis method.

Hypnosis analysis is used for deeper problems as the supreme discipline of hypnotherapy. Psychological and physical suffering is treated by uncovering possibly contributory habits in feeling, thinking and behavior in regression or analytic regression and changing them permanently in systemic hypnosis.

Since the subconscious mind has been scientifically proven(Manchester University: muscle growth) to react to mental images, during the trance hypnotic words (suggestions) are used to awaken imaginative images, which
healthy and positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors
help to reprogram.

Use the
free initial consultation
(20 minutes) for a trustful hypnosis experience. At resonance can follow the treatment of 1.5 hours. Your investment in your transformation is €100 for one hour of time. Treatments last from 1.5 to 2 hours (self-pay only). Short-term therapies from 3 treatments to 10 treatments are highly recommended. Pupils, students, Harz 4 please ask for discount.

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free audio recording
to intensify the effect!

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For more information on mental disorders, see the ICD 10 at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices