Frank Qio Ellert, M.A.

State. pr. alternative practitioner, licensed only for psychotherapy/ hypnosis therapist & artist / founder of Qi-HYPNOSiA

I studied art history, theater studies & psychology in Berlin and Amsterdam (focus: unconscious communication). With the successful completion of my university studies in 1999, I was awarded the academic degree of Magister Artium (M.A.).

In the spirit of Joseph Beuys, I specialized in the inner-psychic processes of art making and combined my studies of art, shamanism and psychology to be present in the development of personality and expansion of consciousness.

In therapeutic trainings I acquired degrees in clinical hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis, EMDR, psychological kinesiology, qigong, healing touch, de-amoring, shamanic breath and sound therapy. and after many years of therapeutic qualifications in hypnotherapy in his own psychotherapeutic practice with more than 3000 treatments.

After years of psychoanlalytic child & adolescent care (specializing in Asperger’s Autism), I have now been working for over fifteen years in my hypnosis practice studio, either image-conscious or on-site with clients, offering psychotherapeutic hypnosis Qi-Hypnosia. My specializations are: Irritable Bowel, Irritable Stomach & Crohn’s Disease ,
Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Phobias.

Sensitive handling, discretion and confidentiality are part of my professional ethos.

Your hypnotherapist in Berlin

M.A Art History, Theatre Sci. & Psychology: Free University Berlin & Amsterdam

Degrees Hypnosis: Analytical Hypnotherapist: HTI (London) — Hypnotherapist: Inst. of Clinical Hypnotherapy — clin. Hypnotherapist: Preetz Hypnoseinstitut — Hypnotherapist: Omni-Training-Center (Switzerland) — Hypnotherapist: Training Treusch

Degrees Energy Medicine: EMDR: IFGP Gilching — Psychosomatic Kinesiology: Paracelsus Dr. Weishaupt—Reiki: Mark Bendach — Healing Touch & De-armoring: Manik Reuters.

In my Berlin practice studio


for hypnosis psychotherapy I help in individual and group sessions or individual & couple therapy.