Hypnosis Berlin for fingernail biting & teeth grinding

„I want to finally have beautiful fingernails and be loving with my body. Every time I watch TV, study or concentrate, I tense up. I have heard of clinical success with hypnosis. The dental advice for teeth grinding that is harmful to the jaw and teeth is hypnotherapy. “

I often hear these thoughts when people come to my hypnosis practicebildbewusst® because they want to get rid of their hated habit of biting or picking their nails. In hypnosis psychotherapy, it quickly becomes clear that the emotional pressure from repressed desires and feelings is so great that the fingernails and even the cuticles are sometimes gnawed or torn to the painful nail bed. The repressed unconscious desires, feelings, and doubts are autoaggressively bitten away when they are exemplified, for example, on television deputy. However, with each failed attempt to quit through willpower, feelings of inferiority ( I am weak and have ugly fingers) can increase, adding to the pressure.

Frank Ellert M.A.
Naturopath f. Psychotherapy / Hypnotherapist

Teeth grinding & nail biting: How does hypnosis help in Berlin?

your teeth! Bite your way through!
Perhaps these or similar were the slogans of perseverance, which were supposed to help to override one’s own desires and feelings. However, as is often the case, the well-intentioned tips acted as effective and persistent suggestions that may be partly responsible for the bad habits.

If involuntary nail biting or nighttime teeth grinding has served well since childhood as an outlet for relief from boredom, excitement, anxiety, sadness or anger, it will continue to function as an adult unless more pleasant and healthier behaviors become ingrained in the subconscious. Sometimes nail biting is activated during passive trance-like behaviors (e.g., watching TV or studying), even if alternativenot-so-auto-aggressive behaviors have already been developed during active daily life.

In my hypnosis psychotherapybildbewusst® in Berlin, the subconscious mind is taught primarily healthy and pleasant ways to relieve emotional stress.